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Ornamental Plasters by Saint George's Studio was established over 40
years ago by Valentino Ceccone, one of the industry's leading and most
recognized plaster artisans in the North East. Valentino and his son
George, were formally recognized as Saint George's Studios.

Over the years, we've mastered the look of traditional, old world
style plaster and moldings through modern technology which allows us
to precisely design and create a wide range of detail and
ornamentation in homes and businesses. Restoring the detailed work of
prestige artisans is something we take great pride in.

Our passionate professionals are dedicated to helping our customers
duplicate all the beautiful craftsmanship of past and present, by
utilizing today’s cutting edge technology to meet your needs.

The results of our work mean no more re-caulking and no more
re-painting of trim because

our plaster will never shrink.

It's guaranteed to last forever, that means no more re-caulking and no
more re-painting trim!


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Our Work

We pride ourselves on our personal relationships with all of our clients. You’re welcomed to walk into our workshop for us to work together and customize your every detail. Our moldings are not mass-produced rather, each one is created personally and will be unique to fit your style.

We care to make perfection


No Shrinkage!  |  No Cracking!  |  No Callbacks!


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Paul Williams

CEO, Ornamental Plasters by Saint George's Studio


Phone: 203.414.2928

Email: ppw016@yahoo.com

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